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Card Back, Layout by Marie Small and Jason Rainville

Don’t just Tell them about your character, Show Them!

Rite Publishing Presents a deck of 52 beautifully illustrated, full-color cards to represent your Player Character in the setting of Lords of Gossamer and Shadow. This deck contains a diverse cast of characters including: a steampunk sorcerer who has achieved a hard won victory on the field of battle, a wheel-chair bound Indian master of the Umbra, and a Japanese dilettante lounging in a gothic Victorian dress, loading Eidolon rounds into her 4-shot derringer before taking a journey along the Grand Stair.

These are casino quality US Poker-Size 2.5” x 3.5” (round corners, double-sided, UV coated) with the same card stock used on some of the most popular trading card games ( Arjo-Wiggins Playper 305gsm matte with blackcore layer). The PDF download includes a self-printing file. 

Game Line: Lords of Gossamer & Shadow

Category: Supplement

Size: 52 Cards + 12 page PDF

Art: Full-Color

Artists: Ian Greenlee,Gordon Napier, Tommy Arnorld, Joe Shawcross, Jack Holiday, Juan Diego Diandres, Jason Rainville, Joe Shawcross, Dennis Darmondy, Dallas Williams, Jacob Blackmon, Joshua Calloway

Two Options Available in Your Cart

Color Print + PDF    $24.99

PDF Only                 $4.99

Art Preview

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Art Preview 2
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