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Lords of Gossamer & Shadow Icon Deck: NPCs

Lords of Gossamer & Shadow Icon Deck

Don’t just Tell them about your character, Show Them!

Rite Publishing Presents a deck of 69 beautifully illustrated, full-color cards to represent the Non-Player Characters in the setting of Lords of Gossamer and Shadow. This deckl contain the dramatis persona including: Drake, Lord of the Falling Wall, Vala, Lady of the Shimmering Vale, and Empress Ayasha of the vile dwimmerlaik.

These are casino quality US Poker-Size 2.5” x 3.5” (round corners, double-sided, UV coated) with the same card stock used on some of the most popular trading card games ( Arjo-Wiggins Playper 305gsm matte with blackcore layer). The PDF download includes a self-printing file. 

Two Options Available in Your Cart

Color Print + PDF    $23.99

PDF Only                 $4.99

Art Preview

art preview 6
art preview 7
art preview 8
art preview 9
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