Far to the east lie the cursed islands of Kaidan. There the dead rest uneasy, the undying rule with absolute power, cruel samurai oppress the people, savage demons roam the wilderness, shapeshifting creatures fill the forests and not even death is an escape. Locked in an broken cycle of death and rebirth, Kaidan is a land in need of light. It is a land in need of heroes.

Kaidan is a fantasy role-playing setting of Japanese horror presented for use with The Pathfinder® Roleplaying Game. Drawing extensively and specifically on the history and folklore of Japan, Kaidan is a setting both familiar and yet disturbingly unique. The Kaidan GameMaster’s Guide provides an extensive overview of this tragic realm, it’s people, and the dark curse that has afflicted the archipelago for hundreds of years.

Within the pages of this tome you’ll find:

*A description and discussion of the major races of Kaidan: Humans, Yokai, Koropokkuru, Kappa and Kitsune.

*A history of Kaidan, from its creation to its present cursed state.

*An overview of the religions of Kaidan and how they interact with the various peoples of the island.

*Insights into daily life in Kaidan and details for every province of Kaidan, including government, major geographical features, flora, fauna, and adventure seeds.

*Mechanics for dying in Kaidan; New magic, unique to Kaidan; and much more…

…All sufficient to enable and inspire you to create innumerable adventures of subtle horror and dark magic in an exotic land of samurai and oni.

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