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Think Far Eastern Adventuring is all about accepting your place on The Great Wheel?

Think again!

Heroes of the Jade Oath take the choices and flexibility of the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game and add an immersive, fully researched, and instantly playable Far Eastern background.

So kick karma in the butt and choose your own destiny with Lands of the Jade Oath.

Heroes of the Jade Oath includes:

  • Detailed information on the new setting Lands of the Jade Oath

  • New marvelous player races like Bakemono, Mandragoran, Qahngol, Shenxue, and Yueren elves and 11 other variants

  • Evocative new character classes and archetypes like Demon Hunter, Enlightened Scholar, Kensai, Kusa, 7 different Monks, 6 new totems for barbarians, 4 new witch archetypes types, and two new paladin archetypes.

  • The new Fung Shui skill and massive number of far eastern style feats including a new feat type Chakra.  

  • Optional Rules for Cinematic Combat and Zodiac Signs as campaign traits,

  • A new Spellcasting option for Sutra Casters.

  • A Huge selection of weapons, armor, and alchemic items from the Far East

  • ...and much, much more

Author: Frank Carr
Cover Artist: Wayne Reynolds
Pages: 176, Full-Color Hardcover 


"The cultural flavor of the book of the book speaks not only of a knowledge, but of an understanding of cultures and myth and offers fresh and exciting vistas on eastern roleplaying that could work together with established setting like Rokugan or Kaidan, but still brings its extremely distinct flavor to the table and can easily stand on its own." -Endzeitgeist


"10 out of 10 Overall, this product is quite well done! It has compatibility with other products, as well as stand alone as a great supplement product."

- Roleplayers Chronicle


"The Iron Word: Heroes of the Jade Oath took a long time to get here but it is worth it. This is the premiere Eastern Campaign setting for Pathfinder D&D. It will be hard for another company to develop the amount of history, mechanical design and campaign thinking involved in this PDF."

- Nathan Collins

Two Options Available in Your Cart

 Hard Cover Color Print $39.99

PDF Only$19.99

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