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Jonathan Roberts cartographer for the ENnie award winning George R.R. Martin's Lands of Ice and Fire, presents Fantastic Maps! 

Take your adventures to the silty bottom of the cold, briny deep; into the magma entrenched deepths of the earth; walk across a frozen waterfall with a dragon trapped inside high above a valley floor; alsong with many other unique and evocative locations. 

These multi-page PDFs allow you to print out the battlemaps at a 1 square=1 inch scale and are also available in a printer-friendly light grayscale version. The packs also contains high-resolution Jpegs of the maps with and without grids for you to print out as a poster map, or for use in your virtual tabletop of choice - often including with individual pngs of unique features found on the maps. The file also contains two maptool campaign files set up for quick use in the 4.0 version of the world's most popular roleplaying game and the PFRPG.  

These maps can be found on sale HERE

A city in chaos to infiltrate, an ambassador to rescue, and a frozen hell to escape.

Savage battlecries and screams of pain echo through the streets and off the she raw sheer walls that make up the carved stronghold of Forstor Nagar. The cannibalistic troops of The Hungering Legion have breached the gates, and the defenders have been routed.

Trapped in the heart of Forstor Nagar, a devout holy man and ambassador from Ithulandis, the City of Adventure, must be rescued. But the redoubt is cut from the living ice of the Forstorheim glacier, and enemies rip the very life from the inhabitants, only scant hours remain before the alleys are slick with a crimson slush.

Adventurers must cross the invaders’ lines to infiltrate the fortress, locate the diplomatic compound and escape with the ambassador before filed teeth sink into their flesh and the fate of the city is sealed forever. Will they succeed, or just become more corpses for the conquerors’’ larder?

This raucous and harrowing adventure is fully compatible with 13th Age, and is designed for 4th level characters. 

Welcome to The Breaking of Forstor Nagar.

Author: ENnie award winner Ben Mcfarland (Streets of Zobeck)

Cartography: ENnie award winner Jonthan Roberts (Lands of Ice and Fire)

Pages: 68 (Full-color)

The Breaking of Forstor Nagar

(13th Age Compatible)

PDF Only


The Breaking of Forstor Nagar

(13th Age Compatible)

Softcover Color Book+PDF


The Demolished Ones (Fate)

Softcover B&W Book+PDF


The Demolished Ones (Fate)

PDF Only


The Demolished Ones (Fate) Print + PDF or PDF only!

  You wake in a room.

You don’t where you are, where you came from, what’s happening. You don’t know who you are. Your identity has been taken from you. It will come back with time, but can you trust it? This world is not what it seems. Are you? 

  And then there’s the murder. 

Who killed the dead man? Was it you? Was it one of the people who woke in the room with you? Are you all being blamed for a crime you didn’t commit? If you want to keep your freedom, you’ll need to solve the mystery of Jack Smith’s murder while you solve the riddle of your own identity. But is freedom even possible, or is it just another lie? 

  This is a game.

The Demolished Ones is a game about identity, amnesia, and the power – and danger – that comes with knowledge. This game uses Fate, a rules system that helps you build characters with personalities, histories, and baggage. If you’re not familiar with Fate, don’t worry: this game teaches you everything you need to know.

  This is a story.

This book also includes a full story for you to play through. It contains all of the characters, locations, and events that you’ll need to tell a story of mystery, intrigue, identity, and horror. 

  Welcome to The Demolished Ones. 


Game Line: Fate

Category: Corebook and Adventure

Size: 64, Softback, 8.5 x 11

Interior Art: B&W

Author:  Brian Engard

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