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Nexopolis sits on an island in the middle of a vast ocean, far from the sight of any distant shores. Here the weather is always perfect, except when there is a hurricane. Here nearly everyone comes from somewhere else, except for Finnian who runs but does not rule Nexopolis. Here you will find a crossroads of worlds, except these Doors all require Keys. Here you find a Justicar, but not much justice, except for that dealt out by private security teams and the Vigilance Committee. Here you will find both sophisticated magic and high technology, except buying might cost you more than money. Here a few reckless fools will try to reclaim parts of the rest of the world, except the Dwimmerlaik destroyed this world and the rest of the world is not ready for them yet.  


Gossamer Worlds: Nexopolis by Matt Forbeck is a 45 page supplement, available as both a Full-Color Print and PDF supplement, for Lords of Gossamer and Shadow by Jason Durall, powered by Erick Wujcik's Diceless Roleplaying


Matt Forbeck has been a full-time creator of award-winning games and fiction since 1989, designing games and toys and writing stories of all sorts. He has twenty-three novels published to date, including the award-nominated Guild Wars: Ghosts of Ascalonand the critically acclaimed Amortals and Vegas Knights. His latest work includes theMagic: The Gathering comic book, the MMOs Marvel Heroes and Ghost Recon Online, and his novel The Con Job, based on the TV show Leverage.

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Soft Cover Color Print + PDF    $19.99

PDF Only                                     $9.99

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