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Pathways Free E-Zine

Pathways is a Fan Supported electronic and print on demand magazine release in PDF format (and as of #56) Full-color print that Rite Publishing has been producing since 2011.


We have released over 68 issues packed with custom monsters, articles, interviews with industry insiders, the Path Less Traveled comic strip, and we're looking to continue to expand what Pathways has to offer. 


This is only made possible by our Fan Support.


We are now seeking to increase the pay of this project's creators and add additional content, so we are asking you to join us a backer today.


Regardless we will continue to make this product available for free in PDF, so if you have never heard of Pathways before, go pick up all of our issues for free. 

Support us on Patreon

Even just $1/month makes a huge impact. 

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